Italian Food for a Longer Life

The average life expectancy in the first world is around 78 years, what makes some people live longer remained a mystery for a long time. Once in the 20th century researchers found that some regions of the world had average life spans longer than those from other regions. Researchers decided to conduct some social experiments and try to elucidate what habits or diet was giving these people that extra boost of life.

One of the main and best-researched zones is the Italian island of Sardinia. This warm and beautiful island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea is probably the place of origin of pasta. Sardinians mostly live an active life researchers found, and this was a major contributor to human health. Surprisingly researchers also found high intake of fats especially olive oil, high consumption of red wine and cheese. Many of the centenarians interviewed still love eating homemade pizza, cheese, and wine. It is hard to ask them questions and try to look back in time wondering why they lived so long. Researchers concluded that the high intake of tomatoes also played an important role in their longevity as the component lycopene is believed to have cancer preventing properties. Perhaps what surprised the researchers the most was the sense of time perceived in the island, it was as if time stopped existing. The island is surrounded by amazing people, telling stories, eating the most delicious pasta you can imagine and raising a big glass of red wine.

Today most people associate Italian food with fast food, but the truth is that the traditional Italian cuisine is filled with healthy fats and veggies. This might explain why those living on the island had such long lives. Next time you are enjoying your favorite Italian dish covered in olive oil with a cup of red wine you might want to think like a Sardinian and take your time to share with a a friend and other people you love.