About Us

Antonio Gallo landed in America in early 1950, leaving 9 other brothers and sisters Mother and his Father in Calabria Italy to find a better life for himself.

Antonio was always inspired by foods and cooking. Landing in America brought many opportunities with his talents that had been brought over from Italy to look for outlets in the US market. Antonio found a steel mill job in the day and landed a night time position in a local Italian Restaurant. It wasn’t that long that his steel manufacturing position was replaced by full time position doing what he loved cooking.

Antonio had many unique recipes that he brought with him from his own family and continued to develop them and refine them. Antonio married to his Wife Virginia Gallo and over the years had two Children Rosemary and Giuseppe. Giuseppe at early age also took a love for the culinary business traveling with his dad to different locations and working part time in evenings in restaurants. At age 23 Giuseppe and His father purchased a restaurant called Agostino’s Ristorante back in 1986. Agostino’s became a household name in Brooklyn Ohio. They very popular operation continued to grow and expand and the demand for it’d tomato sauces grew as well. Now in 2015 Giuseppe Gallo decided to reinvent the old world recipes in honor of his deceased Father Antonio Gallo and has enhanced the 70 year old tomato sauces and is bringing them back to the market for everyone to enjoy. Giuseppe hand selects the finest organically grown tomatoes before allowing the Chicago Based manufacturing to even start the process. Every ingredient is organic and fresh for the process as Antonio Gallo always strived for the freshest ingredients in creating any of his culinary dishes and sauces. From our family to yours love and cherish every moment of life and its finest fruits it gives us.

Ciao Giuseppe Gallo and Family